Mobile Disco Liverpool


Traditional Mobile Disco


A Revive Traditional Mobile Disco package is suitable for all family parties &

occasions being a great all rounder with a massive range of music for everybody in attendance, we ensure all guests and age groups are happy


Revive professional party DJs carry a massive selection of music catering for all lovers 

of party, disco, motown, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s right up to present 



Traditional Mobile Disco in Liverpool includes


 - Lively party DJ who can be talking or non-talking at no extra cost

 - Music is selected and played for all ages in attendance with requests welcome


Party DJ talking or non-talking

5 hours of music playing time

 - Disco lights 

 - Sound System & Amplifier   

 - Microphone for any announcements etc 

This package is really good and more then suitable for all 

Small - Medium - Large parties

all of the traditional Mobile Disco Equipment is fully customisable and can play perfect at low levels or at very high levels depending on your requirements.



Revive Promotions Traditional Mobile Disco is your ideal choice for all family parties and occasions with a wide selection of music from all eras available.

This package is based on guests of all ages ad the music played will be in accordance of the age range of guests unless you state otherwise, requests are welcome on the night and small playlists of 10-15 tracks can be given to your DJ on the night



Choosing a company for your party or occasion is a very important & underestimated part of the party or occasion, it is imperative that you choose a good DJ or entertainment company who are tried and tested, confident and fully equipped.


We know all parties are different and we know everybody has different tastes,

we welcome all requests from guests on the night and if you would like to pass your DJ a 10-15 track playlist of your favourite tracks at the start of your party then please do.


Mobile Discos for weddings we will need to know your first dance song or any

other dances you are performing in advance.


We appreciate your custom and our team love their job and this will reflect on the service you will get and then come to expect from us.


Previous customers come back to us party after party, year after year, call today you will be amazed at all of our prices and we cant be beaten like for like anywhere.


Call our team today on 07765 178 371 and speak to us about any of your ideas 

Traditional Mobile Disco Package