Personal Trainer Liverpool - Box Fit



Revive Promotions brings to you the legendary Daniele,

direct from the Hatton Acadamy.


This exciting new package is perfect for Ladies who want

to tone up ready for the big day or night.


Your Personal Training Instructor will be Daniele, her qualifications include....


- Elite Hatton Acadamy Instructor for boxing and fitness

- Black Belt Instructor in Muay Thai (thai boxing)  


"Daniele will get you in the shape of your life and you

will love our Box Fit Training Package" its the most fun and gets the fastest and best results"


We have 1 or 2 hour sessions available with the average client normally booking 1 or 2 sessions per week, but that is entirely up to yourself


Please note these training sessions are not easy, the programme has been designed by and is taught by the best


Your Box Fit Training sessions will consist of


- Bag Work 

- Pad Work

- Cardio Work 


It's a fun workout and doesn't feel like a chore, a lot of the ladies who book these sessions are surprised how fast the hour/s go by and love seeing and feeling fast results.


If there is any part of the programme that you are not comfortable with, you can be given alternative exercises to suit and the programme can be tailor made to suit your needs.


We have Wedding Packages which include 1 to 1 Bride training and 1 to 1 or bridesmaid group training.   


Some people may prefer to do 2 different types of sessions per week, in which case outdoor sessions can be arranged, which will be more running based but can still include pad work if that is what you would prefer.


Call our team on 07765 178 371 for more details about our Box Fit Personal Instructor Packages